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Protected From Pests

Household pests can cause serious structural damage to your house and they can cause serious health issues to you and your family. Whether it be ants or bedbugs, termites or wasps, our team at Madison County Termite and Pest Control will eradicate those pests efficiently and effectively. Our Service Technicians are trained to identify your particular pest problems and furnish you with the treatment you need to rid your home or business of those unwanted guests.

Do not let any pest invade your home and alter your life. Call us for a comprehensive plan that is guaranteed to protect you from those pesky invaders. We guarantee our services and will gladly work around your schedule.

Take time now to set up an appointment. Scheduled preventative service plans are available. Remember, pests don’t wait for an invitation. They just show up.

Bed Bug Detection

You've seen the news reports and read the headlines – bed bugs are back. And if you find that you have a problem, you're not alone. Fortunately, we have a new weapon in our arsenal, a certified and professionally trained canine. With the ability to smell an infestation in it’s earliest stages, we are quickly able to sniff out the exact location and then focus on the appropriate treatment.


Residential Services

Household pests can cause serious structural damage to your house and they can also bring harmful diseases inside your home. Protect your house and your family with a scheduled maintenance plan to stop any current pest problems and eliminate future attacks. We can provide you with a Pest Assessment and then schedule a maintenance plan to keep your house pest free all year long.


Commercial Services

Does your company need a scheduled maintenance plan for your warehouse, office space or storage facility? We provide services for ANY company of ANY size in and around Madison County. Contact us today for a free quote and ask for an on-site assessment of your facilities. Our service is outstanding and we promise not to bug you after our initial analysis.