box elder bugs pest control - elder bug problems


  • Scientific name is: Boisea trivittata.
  • Are not known to cause significant damage so they are not agricultural pests.
  • Named because of their tendency to gather around boxelder trees.


  • Grow to a half inch in size.
  • Have an oval shaped body.
  • Are dark brown or black in color with red wing veins and markings on the abdomen.

Mannerisms of Box Elder Bugs

  • Feed on seeds of Acer species of trees almost exclusively.
  • Release a pungent odor when disturbed.
    • Allows them to conspicuously gather without being preyed on.
  • Emit a foul odor when smashed.
  • Gather and hibernate during winter months in wall voids, basements, and window frames until heating systems revive them.
  • Their feces can stain fabrics.


  • A water hose can easily disperse their gatherings.
  • Another common pest control method for these insects are insecticidal soaps and pesticides.
  • Sealing cracks in walls and foundations can do a great deal of good as well
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