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  • Scientific name is: Camponetus pennsylvanicus
  • Is the largest ant in Illinois.
  • Named because they build their nests inside of wood.
    • This can lead them to burrowing inside of homes both for nest building and for food gathering.


  • ¾ of an inch in length
  • Are a dark brown or black color
  • Nests are intricately carved tunnels found in logs, tree trunks, firewood, windows, and door frames.
  • Place dead insects and sawdust outside of the nests.

Mannerisms of Carpenter Ants

Here is a brief list of the ants’ habits that may be useful in locating, identifying, and removing them.

  • Form nests inside of wood.
  • Send out winged reproductive ants to scout out new nesting locations.
  • Indoor nests are sometimes small satellite nests for a larger, outdoor parent nest.
  • Expel sawdust and dead ants from nest, leaving them just outside the entrance.
  • Utilize pheromone trails to track down food sources and lead the rest of the colony to them.
  • Eat dead insects and sugar based foods.


Ant Pest Control can be done by spraying down areas where they are present with vinegar or some other smelly liquid like lemon juice. Finding the outdoor parent nest and using insecticide or baits will ensure that the ants do not reinvade later. Certain pest control products have a “transfer effect” that can spread throughout the nest; effectively eliminating them.

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