cave crickets pest control problem


  • Scientific name is: Ceutophilus spp.
  • Named for their penchant of living in caves, basements, and crawlspaces.
  • Are also known as camel crickets as they have an arched, humpbacked body.


  • Grow up to two inches
  • Brown in color
    • Some may appear to be translucent
  • Hunchbacked appearance


  • Live in very dark if not completely lightless areas
    • Also in areas with significant amounts of moisture
  • Are nocturnal
  • Are usually an “accidental invader”
  • Rely heavily on sense of touch
  • Will jump at any source of movement to catch food or to scare away predators
  • Are completely harmless to humans
  • Eat smaller insects, other invertebrates, mildews, and molds
  • Long legs allow them to jump two to three feet


  • Keeping basements free of moisture
  • Laying down pest control sticky traps in basements, garages, and crawlspaces

A lot of pest control can be accomplished by merely keeping a home clean both inside and out. Garbage, firewood, organic debris, and the like can attract crickets and openings in the foundation of homes gives them an entrance to warmth, food, and shelter. We here at Madison County Termite and Pest Control want to make sure that you are informed on not only the critters that invade, but also how you can prevent their invasion and how you can deal with them should the need arise.

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