common house spiders pest control - most common spiders


  • Scientific name is: Parasteatoda tepidariorum
  • Named because they are frequently found in the home, garage, and other indoor locations.


  • ¼ of an inch in size
  • Tannish brown color
  • Females grow to be larger than the males of the species

Mannerisms of Common House Spiders

  • Use a tangled cob web to catch prey
    • They form this web in corners found throughout a home.
  • Eat various pests like mosquitoes, house flies, gnats, wasps, and ants.
    • Wrap up said prey in webbing feast on later.
  • Females lay an egg sac containing 100 to 400 eggs.
    • Can lay up to seventeen egg sacs.
  • Tend to stay out of the way of humans
  • Can bite people
    • Bites can cause irritation, but are not dangerous to humans.


  • Periodically checking inconspicuous corners and removing the spiders with a broom or paper towel.
  • Placing peppermints in locations previously populated by spiders.
  • Utilizing spider pest control products on spiders can kill them and prevent their return to certain areas.
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