DIY vs Professionals Pest Control

DIY vs Professionals

It is a known fact that there are a plethora of natural remedies and pesticides that can be made or bought and can be used to rid a home or business of pests. However, there are still quite a few reasons as to why people should call a professional like Madison County Termite and Pest Control to get the job done. Besides, who really wants to mess with six to eight-legged, multiple-eyed, and sometimes deadly creatures without getting paid?

The Long Game

Though vinegar, citrus, peppermint oil, and the like can be used to rid nooks and crannies of invasive pests, these natural remedies, as well as store, bought products do not last nearly as long as those used by pest control professionals. Since they do not last as long, spiders and other pests can and will return to the areas and go back to their food-finding ways. The wearing off of natural or store bought products combined with neglecting the previously mentioned areas can lead to a larger infestation that may be harder to deal with if not more expensive. The money that was spent on buying the products could have been used to pay someone in the spider control business such as ourselves and they would have been sure to do a much better job and use products that take a longer time to wear off. Usually such businesses also have regular treatment plans so that when the products do wear off, they are ready to come back and reapply the pesticides at the areas and are present to check other parts of the home the pests may have ran off to.


Most people have little idea as to what products would work best to rid their home or businesses of a certain pest. Though they may have the internet at their disposal to find such information, various search engines bog down useful information with advertisements for anything that is slightly on topic with what was typed into the search bar. This in and of itself can be stressful and could in some cases do more harm than good especially since some store bought products if used improperly could harm other occupants of the structure like pets, children, and other people. Much of the information that is found could be extremely out of date and useless. Since insects and arachnids have a tendency to adapt to certain pest and insecticides, this can happen more often than people think. We at Madison County Termite and Pest Control stay up to date on any new information that may help us do our job to the best of our ability so we can save anyone else the hassle. We are also knowledgeable on what areas of a home or business need treating and we are sure to make sure we hit all of them with whatever is needed for the occasion.

None of this is trying to say that all occasions call for professional pest control. A solitary ant, spider, or wasp is easily dealt with. The larger infestations that may be happening in a home; however, are a different story entirely especially if it is made of dangerous spiders. Do not take the cheap and seemingly easier route if there is a chance at getting bitten. No one needs to get bitten by deadly arachnids and if anyone should run that risk it is better that we at Madison County Termite and Pest Control do so.



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