• Scientific name is: Gryllus pennsylvanicus
  • Common throughout the United States except in the Southwest


  • Grow to a size of ½ to 1 inch
  • Dark black to dark brown in color
  • Black antennae are usually longer than the bodies


  • Males are more nocturnal as this is when they sing or chirp to attract a mate
  • Females lay between fifty and four hundred eggs in her lifespan
    • Eggs laid in the summer and fall will live through the winter and hatch in the spring
    • Unable to lay eggs indoors
  • Are omnivorous and eat smaller insects and various plants
  • May attempt to gain entrance into homes during the fall months to survive the winter
  • Occasionally damage fabrics like rugs


  • Sealing up cracks around the foundation, window and door frames
  • Removing sources of moisture from around the home
  • Careful use of pest control products around foundations can be a big help
  • Reducing vegetation around homes is imperative in cricket pest control
  • Minimizing light usage can help keep field crickets in the fields and out of the home
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