German Cockroaches Pest Control il


  • Scientific name: Blatella germanica
  • Named because it was thought to have originated from Germany
    • Is indigenous to Ethiopa/Northeast Africa.
  • Found in all continents except Antarctica
  • Reproduce faster than any other roach species
  • Prefer small confined spaces
  • Cannot survive cold temperatures hence why they find shelter in human homes
  • Lack natural predators in a human habitat
  • Can adapt and immunize themselves from certain pesticides
    • There is a strain of German cockroach that finds the taste of sugar bitter so they will not go after sweetened baits.


  • ½ inch in size
  • Colors vary from tan to black

Mannerisms of German Cockroaches

  • Nocturnal, but are occasionally seen during the day
  • Will eat meats, starches, sugars, and fatty foods.
    • Will eat soap, glue, and toothpaste if previously mentioned foods are scarce.
    • Will resort to cannibalism if there is a famine.
  • Emit an unpleasant odor when excited or frightened
  • Females store eggs in an ootheca or pouch on her abdomen until they hatch


  • Place roach baits in areas where they are common such as underneath sinks, along baseboards, and in corners.
    • This roach pest control method may take several weeks and only kill the first generation of roaches so habitually replacing spent baits may be necessary.
  • Deny them a water source as they cannot survive a week without it.
    • This will make them hungrier and more likely to go for various baits.
  • Clean up any spills, crumbs, etcetera around the home.
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