house crickets pest control il - cricket problems


  • Scientific name is: Acheta domesticus
  • Originally from Southeast Asia
    • Are now found throughout the United States
  • Commonly bred as food for pets that are reptiles, amphibians, and birds.
    • In China and Japan the crickets themselves are sometimes kept as pets


  • Grow to a size of a ½ inch
  • Gray or brown in color
  • Common deep-fried snack in Thailand
    • Sometimes used to make protein powder or extracts

Mannerisms of House Crickets

  • Live up to two to three months
  • Can survive cold weather in and around buildings


  • Seal foundation cracks and holes so it is more difficult for crickets to enter the home
  • Treating foundations with residual pest control products
  • Keep trash away from the home
  • Sticky traps are a useful cricket pest control method as well
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