human fleas pest contorl il


  • Scientific name is: Pulex irritans
  • Is found throughout the world except Antarctica
  • Thought to have originated from South America where its hosts were guinea pigs.


  • Grow up to four millimeters
  • Dark brown in color
  • Are compressed laterally to sneak through hairs easier and to lower visibility

Mannerisms of Human Fleas

  • Feed off human blood, but will also seek out other mammals or birds for sustenance.
  • Females lay four to six thousand eggs during their adult life cycle
    • Eggs are laid onto the host, but may fall off and stay in the host’s bedding or territory.
  • Live up to two to three months
  • Can use back legs to jump onto the body of their host.
  • Can be a carrier for the bacteria Yersinia pestis which is commonly known as Plague.


  • Body shaving, medicated shampoos, and combing are effective means of flea pest control.
  • Pets should be treated to prevent their infection and reinfection of their owners.
  • Vacuuming furniture, carpets, and rugs also helps.
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