long bodied cellar spiders pest control il


  • Scientific name is: Parasteatoda tepidariorum
  • Named because they are frequently found in the home, garage, and other indoor locations.


  • Average body length of ¼ of an inch with a leg span of two inches
  • Pale yellow color

Mannerisms of Long Bodied Cellar Spiders

  • Build cob webs on ceilings
    • Will shake web quickly with their legs when threatened to appear almost invisible
  • Eat mosquitoes, flies, and woodlice.
    • Will resort to cannibalism if no other food is available.
  • Can break off its own legs if attacked by predators.
    • Can also regrow lost limbs.
  • Females lay an egg sac containing between twenty and thirty eggs.
  • Can bite humans, but their venom has no effect as their fangs cannot pierce human skin.


  • Keeping the home clear of other insects will reduce the chances of spiders coming into the home.
  • Direct contact insecticides are also an effective spider pest control method.
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