pennsylvania wood cockroaches pest control


  • Scientific name is: Parcoblotta pensylvanica
  • Common to Eastern and central North America


  • 1 inch in size
  • Dark brown in color
  • Males have wings while females do not
  • Males can fly swiftly, but cannot stay airborne for long periods of time.

Mannerisms of Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

  • Live in wooded open areas beneath fallen trees, woodpiles.
  • Are nocturnal
  • Sometimes smuggle themselves into homes by riding on firewood.
  • Do not congregate unlike other species of roach.
  • Primarily eat decaying organic matter.
  • Mate during May and June
    • Rely on ootheca or egg sacs to store laid eggs
    • Rarely lay eggs in indoor environments


  • Pest control insecticides sprayed in roach nesting places and cracks in walls.
  • Moving woodpiles and other kinds of debris away from the home lowers the likelihood of roaches invading.
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