Madison County Termite and Pest loves to share information about Pest control and Termite Control with our clients. Our blog will help you learn about the common pests in and around St. Louis Region.  We will also discuss important season bugs in our region.

dangerous spiders of illinois pest control il

Dangerous Spiders of Illinois

The Dangerous Spiders of Illinois There is an old myth that you are never more than three feet away from a spider at any given time and though this idea may be false, spiders are quite prevalent especially in Midwestern states such as Illinois.…
pavement ants pest control

The Ants Come Marching in SPRING!

The Ants Come Marching in SPRING! Imagine pouring yourself a nice glass of lemonade from your fridge as you watch the heavy March or April showers and are surprised to see a thinly dashed trail roving across the kitchen countertop carrying…
DIY vs Professionals Pest Control

Doing It Yourself vs Professional Help

DIY vs Professionals It is a known fact that there are a plethora of natural remedies and pesticides that can be made or bought and can be used to rid a home or business of pests. However, there are still quite a few reasons as to why people…
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Most Common Spiders In Illinois

Most Common Spiders in Illinois Spiders are one of the most recognizable creepy crawlies and, for arachnophobes, are also the most terrifying. These eight legged creatures are so populated that there used to be a myth that a person was no more…
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Most Common Ants in Illinois

Most Common Ants in Illinois Everyone has seen tiny mostly flightless insects marching in their home in search of some sweet substance. Though they are small, they can be a mighty annoyance. They are known as ants and we at Madison County…
bed bugs pest control il - bed bug problems - bed bug bites


HOW TO TREAT BED BUG BITES Measuring little more than five millimeters, bed bugs create havoc far beyond the comfortable confines of your bed. Bed bugs thrive in the dark areas of your home, especially at night, when the nocturnal pests come…