wolf spiders pest control - spider problems


  • Scientific name: Lycosidae
  • Named for their wolf-like hunting methods
  • Are hunting spiders that do not rely on webs to catch prey
  • Can live up to eleven years if in the right environment


  • Blackish grey or tannish brown color
    • Sometimes with a light tan stripe going from their head to the tip of their abdomen
  • Covered in small hairs
  • Average body length of an inch with a leg span of two or more inches
  • Have eight large eyes

Mannerisms of Wolf Spiders

  • Ambush prey from burrows or chase after them for short distances
  • Females carry their egg sacs with them and they usually contain about twenty to thirty spiderlings
    • A female will carry her newborn children on her back until they molt
  • Live in silk spun burrows or under rocks
  • Their bite is not dangerous, but can cause mild pain, swelling, and itchiness.


  • Glue traps are an effective pest control method as these spiders move around a lot.
  • Installing screens over vents and crawlspaces can impede their entering homes.
  • Refrain from using outdoor lights frequently as they attract the insects wolf spiders prey on.
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